Cards By Michele Capture Real Life


"Cards by Michele is our best selling card line."
Betty Junes Boutique in Stillwater, MN

Unique Speciality Greeting Cards

Cards By Michele Capture Real Life

"Cards by Michele fly out of our store.  It is not unusual for our customers to buy 5 or more.  We love these cards for their uniqueness, fun imagery, and thoughtful words.  The card stock is beautiful and suitable for framing!"
"I especially like the cards about friends.  I have recently gone through a tragedy of losing my daughter in a car accident, and my dear, dear friends have been so supportive.  I received a "Michele" card from one of them and now I send them out to other friends."
"Wow... I'm impressed that you would follow up on my question.  Yes, I did go to Bachman's the other day and spent $56.00 on your cards - more than I have ever spent at one time on greeting cards.  I am glad to know where to find them.  I look forward to seeing your new designs!"
"I am sending this note to let you know my card order arrived.  I unpacked the cards to find the most beautiful greeting cards... The internet site does not do them justice.  The quality is outstanding, and the clear presentation folder on each card adds such elegance.  The paper stock that is used makes the card appear to be a studio print waiting to be framed.  I placed some of the cards on a shelf in my boutique, and the first customer in my shop purchased 13 cards.  A few days later, I sold 5 cards to another customer.  If anyone has doubt about bringing Cards by Michele into their shop, they can call me.  The cards are beautiful, the picture and the message relates to the inner soul.  All I can say is, I'm glad I found Cards by Michele."
"We wanted to let you know how great your cards have been selling for us.  You can probably see from how often we reorder, but we can't seem to keep ahead of the empty spots in the display.  Besides selling well, they also contribute to the "fun-factor" of our store."
"Frame-able Art Cards by Michele are colorful images and text that are both thought provoking and fun – a reflection of Micheles warm, witty, and bright persona. We are proud to carry this artists work and are delighted to say her cards are our best selling line of greeting cards."
"Cards by Michele are beautiful, unique, and have meaning. They capture real life… Whether it be heartfelt, inspirational, or a humorous thought about life. We've sold 48 cards in 8 days and its not unusual to sell 4-6 cards to one customer."
"Cards by Michele are so creative, meaningful and humorous…motivating our shoppers to purchase Micheles unique cards almost daily. I enjoy hearing womens reactions and of course I like ordering MORE and MORE Cards by Michele.
"Michele's Art cards have something to say... I have never seen a card line captivate people like Cards by Michele. I've witnessed people laugh out loud or have a tear brought to their eye from reading Micheles Art Greeting Cards.  What makes the cards more appealing to me, is that they are printed in the USA on a green friendly paper."

Greeting Cards by Michele are beautiful, unique, and have meaning.
They capture real life… Whether it be heartfelt, inspirational, or a humorous thought about life.